The Only Virtue to Live By

If everyone was selfish all the time, we would never progress as a society. Nothing good would ever happen because everything you do would focus on your own personal gain. Which clearly doesn’t make the world go round.

Capitalize string pipe for Angular 2 templates

Angular 2 pipes are super clean and super powerful. But for some dumb reason, they decided not to include a capitalize pipe to make sure the first letter is capitalized when outputting a string.

Why Meetups Matter

One of my new year's resolutions for 2016 was to attend more and more meetups from different markets and interests. I know you are probably tired of hearing about New Year's resolutions by now, but I think this one is very important. Beside, I have a whole other article about New Year's resolutions! Yippee! Hooray (they all chanted)

Why I Decided to do the Spartan Race

That's right. I bought my ticket for the Spartan Race - more than 8 months in advance. You are probably asking yourself why I would voluntarily put myself through this sh*t. What's the upside? You are paying money to do a race that is painful, dirty and will force you to train at a regular rate for a few months. Sounds like a terrible one sided proposition, but its worth it in the end.

The Quest to Start Blogging

I love sharing with strangers. I'm not quite sure I understand the appeal but I keep coming back to it. For some reason, I continually fixate on the idea of creating a personal blog to summarize my thoughts. Not just useless thoughts, but truly useful information (hopefully). But before I get started, there is a lot I have to think about, possibly add some structure and maybe make a plan of what I want to do.