Hi, I'm Karl Clement.

I don't do half-ass.
Only full-ass.

I'm a "fullstack" kind of guy. Obsessed with startups, software and engineering, I mostly like to build stuff. As an engineer my focus is primarily on modern micro-service architectures, Javascript SPAs, REST/GraphQL APIs, high-traffic applications as well as DevOps (the whole stack). As an entrepreneur, I started building companies when I was 14 and never looked back.

Not bragging, just stating facts

My Stuff Not bragging, just stating facts

Partner and Co-Founder at Dignified

Dignified is a digital products lab. We have a wide array of experience when it comes to building complex software. We've had the pleasure of building products for founders and teams around the world in almost every industry.


Co-founded and built Feathery.io

Myself and the Dignified team built the first version of Feathery.io in less then 2 months. I built the indexing engine for the system as well as hosting solution. On top of that, I built the frontend as a full SPA with Angular 8.


Was Head of Engineering for CoVenture

While I was working with CoVenture, I was a Principal in the venture fund as well building applications for our portfolio. The team delivered more then 15 applications in production.


Was Head of API Relations for CanvasPop

While building the CanvasPop REST API, I also managed all our partnerships with some pretty big brands. I worked directly with app developers to build canvas printing within their workflow. Some big names like PicMonkey, Strava and Bungie to name a few.


Cofounded PopKey, the first GIF keyboard on iOS

While building the PopKey API and uploading engine, I also managed all our partnerships with some huge brands. Some big names like Starbucks, MLB, Lexus and Red Bull to name drop.


Helped open 2 popular restaurants

Back in my home city of Ottawa, I helped some friends open up a gourmet burger restaurant named Bite Burger House. I branded and planned their strategy to make the launch as successful as possible. Now they are opening their second location. Another friend opened up a restaurant named MeatPress and was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.


I'm a virtual CTO for startups

I work as a consultant under my personal consulting firm SUDO42. As a virtual CTO, I help advise multiple startups including engineering and architecture. A good example are my friends at Linka Lock. I help them manage their infrastructure and tackle the harder developer problems they encounter.

Started building companies when I was 14 yo

While I've always loved computers, I thought it was mind bending to be able to build something from thin air by learning to program. I immediately started taking online classes to learn every web programming language under the sun. I started building websites for local businesses and my first company was born.

Commercializing a physical product, the Spalock (WIP)

After placing a patent pending on the invention, I started finding manufacturers to build a lock for your spa or Jacuzzi. Now my first production order is being manufactured and I am currently preparing branding and distribution. Stay tuned.

Building a prospecting SAAS tool, Ranger (WIP)

I'm currently working on a web based SAAS company to allow sales representatives to find contact and social information on a potential prospect. It's always a pain to find the right email to get a hold of the right person. Now it only costs you a monthly payment.

I'm almost always on my computer

Contact Me I'm almost always on my computer

If you would like to get a hold of me, please feel free to fill in the form below (I'd rather not give you my email address and you go crazy with the spam). I'll be sure to respond pretty quickly.